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The COSETI Observatory

  • Relative Antenna Gains.

    • Optical transmitters can have effective isotropic radiated powers (EIRPs) 100 million times stronger than their microwave counterparts for the same transmitter power. A 10-meter Keck-type optical telescope can be 80 dB more powerful than a 300-meter Arecibo-type radio telescope.
    • Many in the MSETI community would suggest that transmitter antenna gains in excess of 74 to 94 dB are not practical because of the point-ahead targeting problem. However, other OSETI researchers have suggested optical transmitter gains as high as 174 dB. Stuart Kingsley has proposed gains as high as 154 dB
    • (> 1015).
  • Relative Doppler Shifts.

    • Over 100,000 times greater at optical frequencies.

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