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Complete Viewgraph List in Sequential Order


The number at the top center of each page, under the viewgraph title, indicates the year and month of composition and the sequence number of the viewgraph for that month.  For instance, Viewgraph No. 9006-030 indicates that it was composed in June 1990, and is number 30 for that month.  Word viewgraphs are denoted by "Text" in parentheses, diagram viewgraphs by "Schematic", tables by "Tables", and graphs by "Graphs".  Bulleted text and table viewgraphs indicate that they are complete and formatted.  Bulleted graph and schematic viewgraphs indicate that they are complete and have been upgraded in the new colored Freelance Graphics 97 format.

Note to Teachers:
These viewgraphs make excellent teaching materials for many aspects of Optical SETI and some aspects of Microwave SETI.  In time, all these materials will be reformatted so that one viewgraph in any sequence of viewgraphs, i.e., a, b, c, etc., can be printed to a single page via a browser set to print in landscape format.  A transparency can then be made from the hardcopy with the maximum legibility for your classroom.  It is intended that brief descriptive text will be added to the graph and schematic viewgraphs later.

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June 1990

9006-010  Laser Linewidth (Text)

9006-014  The Microwave Cosmic Haystack (Graph)

9006-031  Bibliography (Text)

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August 1990

9008-020  The Optical Cosmic Haystack (Graph)

9008-027  Modulation Formats (Text)

9008-039  Photodetector Current Responsivity (Text)

9008-040  Photon Detection Rate (Theory)

9008-041  Laser Linewidth (Linear) (Graph)

9008-042  Laser Linewidth (Log) (Graph)

9008-043  Reduction Of Laser Linewidth Noise (Text)

9008-044  Reduction Of Laser Linewidth Noise (Graph)

9008-045  Homodyne Detection (Theory)

9008-046  Heterodyne Detection (Theory)

9008-047  Optical Mixing (Schematic)

9008-048  The Microwave Cosmic Haystack (Text)

9008-049  The Optical Cosmic Haystack (Text)

9008-050  Quantum Efficiencies & Photopic Response (Graph)

9008-051  Quantum Efficiencies & Photopic Response (Text)

9008-052  Infrared Quantum Efficiencies (Graph)

9008-053  Infrared Quantum Efficiencies (Text)

9008-054  Microwave Atmospheric Windows (Graph)

9008-055  Optical Atmospheric Windows (Graph)

9008-056  Detection Of Planetary Systems (Theory)

9008-058  Searching For Alien Planets (10 L.Y.) (Graph)

9008-060  Field Of View (Schematic)

9008-061  Planetary Detection (Schematic)

9008-062  Field Of View (Text)

9008-063  Planetary Detection (Text)

9008-064  The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) (Text)

9008-066  Collimating Receiver (Theory)

9008-067  Collimating Receiver (Beam Misalignment) (Schematic)

9008-068  Focusing Receiver (Theory)

9008-069  Focusing Receiver (Focal Image Plane Array) (Schematic)

9008-070  Heterodyne Response Versus Beam Misalignment (Graph)

9008-071  Downconverting Signals & Continuum (Text)

9008-072  Downconverting Signals & Continuum (Schematic)

9008-073  Summary Chart For Visible Lines (Schematic)

9008-074  Summary Chart For Infrared Lines (Schematic)

9008-075  Fraunhofer Absorption Lines (Text)

9008-076  CNR Versus Background In Coherent Systems (Graph)

9008-077  CNR Versus Background In Coherent Systems (Text)

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September 1990

9009-001  Aliens Viewing The House SETI Debate! (Text)

9009-002  Optical Heterodyne Reception Within Atmosphere (Text)

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October 1990

9010-001  Cosmic Evolution (Schematic)

9010-002  Great Moments In History (Text)

9010-003  The Milky Way Galaxy (Schematic)

9010-004  Interstellar Beam Expansion (Schematic)

9010-005  Number Of Solar Type Stars (Schematic)

9010-006  Noncoherent Combination Of Heterodyne Outputs (Text)

9010-007  Noncoherent Combination Of Heterodyne Outputs (Schematic)

9010-008  Atmospheric Adaptive Arrays - Pilot-Tone (Text)

9010-009  Atmospheric Adaptive Arrays - Pilot-Tone (Schematic)

9010-012  Optical Transmission Of NTSC/PAL Over 10 L.Y. (Text)

9010-013  CNR For NTSC/PAL F.M. Video Over 10 L.Y. (Text)

9010-014  CNR For NTSC/PAL F.M. Video Over 10 L.Y. (Graph)

9010-015  Acquisition Signal (Signpost SETI) (Text)

9010-016  Acquisition Signal (Signpost SETI) (Graph)

9010-017  Interstellar Doppler Shifts (Table)

9010-018  Interstellar Doppler Chirps (Table)

9010-019  Doppler Shift & Chirp (Schematic)

9010-020  De-chirping Received Signals (Graph)

9010-021  Incoherent & Coherent Photodetection (Schematic)

9010-024  Optical Signal Visibility & Detectability (Table)

9010-025  Project Cyclops Comparison Table (1971) (Table)

9010-026  Previous Optical SETI Investigations (Text)

9010-027  Project Cyclops Optical SETI Assumptions (Text)

9010-028  Problems (Text)

9010-029  Solutions (Text)

9010-030  Light Science Spin-Offs (Text)

9010-033  Literature System Comparisons At 10 L.Y. (Table)

9010-034  Microwave Observing Project (Text)

9010-035  The Flawed Analysis Of Project Cyclops (Text)

9010-036  Optical Detection Bandwidth Rationale (Text)

9010-037  Doppler Drifts (Chirps) Versus Frequency (Graph)

9010-038  Optical SETI Observations In Daylight (Text)

9010-039  Performance Sensitivity To Telescope Aperture (Text)

9010-040  Terrestrial Infrared Optical SETI (Graph)

9010-041  Terrestrial Visible Optical SETI (Graph)

9010-042  Transmitter Intensity Levels & Magnitudes (Graph)

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December 1990

9012-001  Black Body Radiation Vs Frequency/Temperature (Graph)

9012-002  Focal Plane Image (Text)

9012-003  Number Of Extraterrestrial Civilizations (Text)

9012-004  High-Q Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometers (Schematic)

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January 1991

9101-001  Gaussian Intensity Distribution (Graph)

9101-002  Polar Response For Visible Telescopes (Graph)

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February 1991


9102-002  Polar Response For Infrared Telescopes (Graph)

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March 1991

9103-001  Microwave & Optical Observing Project (Text)

9103-002  Microwave Field-Of-View (Schematic)

9103-004  Infrared Spectrum Levels (Graph)

9103-005  SNR & SPR Versus Transmitter/Receiver Apertures (Graph)

9103-006  Amateur Optical SETI (Schematic)

9103-007  Photon Arrival Rate Versus Power (Graph)

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April 1991

9104-001  Amateur Optical SETI Sensitivity (Graph)

9104-002  Incoherent & Coherent Detection Comparisons (Text)

9104-003  Optical Field-Of-View (Schematic)

9104-004  Optical Field-Of-View (Schematic)

9104-005  SNR Versus Optical Bandwidth (Graph)

9104-006  SNR Versus Optical Bandwidth (Graph)

9104-007  SETI Rationale Differences & Philosophy (Table)

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June 1991

9106-001  SNR Versus Signal Intensity & System Type (Graph)

9106-002  SNR Versus Optical Bandwidth & System Type (Graph)

9106-004  SNR Versus Optical Bandwidth - Photon-Counting (Graph)

9106-006  SNR Versus Bandwidth For 81 cm & 30 cm (Graph)

9106-007  SNR Vs Bandwidth For 10 m, 0.81 m & 0.30 m (Graph)

9106-008  SNR Versus Range For Photon-Counting (Graph)

9106-009  SNR Versus Range For Photon-Counting (Graph)

9106-010  Background Power Per Pixel Versus Range (Graph)

9106-011  SNR Versus Range & Unity-Gain Dark Current (Graph)

9106-012  SNR Versus Range & Excess Noise Factor (Graph)

9106-013  SNR Versus Range For Near-Field Beams (Graph)

9106-014  SNR & Planckian/Fraunhofer Suppression (Graph)

9106-015  Noise Levels Versus Optical Bandwidth (Graph)

9106-016  The Microwave & Optical Cosmic Haystack (Schematic)

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July 1991

9107-001  SNR/CNR Relationships (Text)

9107-002  Introduction (Text)

9107-003  Basic Assumptions (Text)

9107-004  Conclusions (Text)

9107-005  SNR Versus Signal Intensity (Text)

9107-006  SNR Versus Optical Bandwidth (Text)

9107-007  SNR Versus Range (Text)

9107-008  SNR Versus Dark Current (Text)

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August 1991

9108-001  SNR Vs Optical Bandwidth At 10,600 nm (Graph)

9108-002  SNR Vs Optical Bandwidth At 10,600 nm (Text)

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February 1992

9202-002  Approximate Observatory Costs (Table)

9202-003  Photon-Count Rate (Table)

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July 1992

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January 1993

9301-001  Definition - "Optical" (Text)

9301-002  Stuart A. Kingsley Versus Bernard M. Oliver (Text)

9301-003  Selected Publications In Optical SETI (Text)

9301-004  10-m Receiver Performance (Table)

9301-005  25.4-cm Receiver Performance (Table)

9301-006  Kardashev Civilizations (Text)

9301-008  Terrene Energy Consumption (Text)

9301-009  How Much Power Is Too Much Power? (Text)

9301-010  Video Compression (Text)

9301-012  Increasing Optical Detectability (Text)

9301-013  ETI Philosophy (Text)

9301-014  "Is Anyone Out There?" (Text)

9301-015  Interstellar Voyages At 1 g (Text)


9301-017  Acknowledgments (Text)



9301-020  Interstellar Dispersion (Text)

9301-021  Cyclops Report Systems Comparison Summary (Text)

9301-025  Electric Energy Use In The U.S. (Graph).

9301-026  The SETI Protocols (Text)

9301-027  First Contact (Graph)



9301-031  Planetary Lasers - Atmospheric Constituents (Schematic)

9301-032  Planetary Lasers (Schematic)

9301-033  Planetary Lasers - Diffraction Spreading (Graph)

9301-034  Planetary Lasers - Pointing Ability (Graph)

9301-035  Planetary Lasers - Mirror Heat Load (Graph)

9301-036  Planetary Lasers - Link Performance To 82 L.Y. (Graph)

9301-037  Planetary Lasers - Link Performance Limitations (Graph)

9301-038  Planetary Lasers - Reference System (Text)


9301-041  Stuart Kingsley's Rebuttal to Barney Oliver (Text)

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June 1993

9306-001  Signal Processing For ETI Pulsed Beacons (Schematic)

9306-002  Signal Processing For ETI CW Beacons (Schematic)

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August 1993

9308-004  Submitted Proposals (Text)

9308-005  Photon-Counter Specifications (Text)

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February 1994

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April 1994

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August 1994



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January 1995

9501-001  Detectability Of Pulsed Laser Beacons (Text)

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May 1995

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December 1995


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May 1996





9605-005  Extrasolar Planets (Graph)

9605-006  The History of Optical SETI Research on Planet Earth (Table)

9605-007  Public Opinion about SETI (Table)

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January 1999


July 1999

9907-001  Combined Pulsed Laser Beacons & Signals (Schematic)





January 2000



October 2000

0010-001  SETI Enabling Technology Milestones

0010-002  SETI Milestones

0010-003  Photon Counter Coincidence Detection

November 2000






December 2000


January 2001


Unnumbered Viewgraphs


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