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Alexey V. Arkhipov

Institute for Radio Astronomy

Ukraine Academy of Science

Kharkov, Ukraine


Frances G. Graham

Kent State University

Department of Physics

East Liverpool, Ohio 43920


Frances G. Graham

Copyright: Stuart Kingsley



The problem of alien artifacts on the Earth's Moon has been re-examined. There are many reasons why the Moon is one of the best places to possess evidence of past visitations to the inner solar system by technological alien life, and these reasons are elaborated.

The Moon has not been yet examined closely enough to rule out alien artifacts. We must not be too exclusionary of candidates for more in-depth examination if aliens have deliberately camouflaged or simply discarded artifacts without it being intended for them to be noticed. In light of this, search strategies which involve statistical examination of anomalous pixels or searches near unusual resource-bearing places on the Moon (such as the lunar poles, where there may be ice) may prove fruitful, especially if we carefully distinguish between anomalous candidates and actual discoveries of alien artifacts.


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