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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Optical Spectrum (OSETI)


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What's New?

Third International Conference on Optical SETI

Most Recent Optical SETI Articles:

September '99 issue of Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine

 Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine, pp. 72-77
Time Magazine, August 30, 1999, p. 45
Tahdet ja Avaruus (Finland), August 1999, pp. 24-25
Astronomy & Geophysics, February 2000, Vol. 41, Issue 1, pp. 1.25-1.26

Astronomy Now, December 2000

Scientific American, December 2000, p. 110
Times Higher Education Supplement, December 22-29, 2000, p. 14

     NRC Handelsblad, December 30, 2000, p. 51
     New Scientist, January 6, 2001, pp. 30-32


Australasian Science, March 2002, p. 26-28


Astronomy, September 2002, pp. 44-49


IEEE Spectrum Cover Page

IEEE Spectrum, November 2006, pp. 7, 32-37

The Columbus Dispatch Article "ET Sleuth To Light Out", July 18, 2007


First UK Optical SETI public talk since relocating back to the UK, June 22, 2009 in Bournemouth


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Flag of Earth


Open Letter to the HST-JWST Transition Panel
 Concerning Space-Based Optical SETI


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Mission Statement OSETI 1
COSETI Articles COSETI Papers
COSETI BBS Archive The Classic Paper that First Proposed Optical SETI
Target Star Lists Detectability of Extraterrestrial Technological Activities
The SETI League's Optical SETI Committee Chair What to do if you believe you have discovered an Optical ETI Beacon
Optical SETI Hall of Fame Introduction to the COSETI Web Site
The Optical SETI Network Enabling the HST and the NGST for Optical SETI



Building your own Optical SETI Observatory Where to Buy Hardware & Software
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Space Viz Productions PowerPoint Viewer 97
Smithsonian Air & Space OSETI Article - September 1999 Sky & Telescope Magazine's SETI Backgrounds
Encyclopedia Britannica Recent Sky & Telescope Articles on OSETI
The Planetary Report - Optical SETI At Last!


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Laser Museum & Space Signal Observatory (LSSO) Cooperative Efforts
Message for OSETI Enthusiasts in Australia & New Zealand Other Optical SETI Observatories and Web Sites
Bungonia Optical SETI Australia Harvard University
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Millennium Star Atlas Astronomical News
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The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia Space Calendar
Terraforming & Astrobiology Universe Today
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The Politics of SETI The SETI Institute's SETI Game
The Planetary Society SETI Education
"Contact" Film Review by Larry Klaes So You Want to "Get Into" SETI?
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The Classic Paper that First Proposed Microwave SETI SETIQuest
The Congressional Record Key Links2 Go Resource
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NASA Administrator The Arecibo Message
SETI Survey A Brief SETI Chronology
One Hectar Telescope The Extraterrestrial Waterhole (SETI Cartoons)
SETI Technology Milestones


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NASA's Optical Communications Activities Aerospace America - Laser Satcom Offers Links In Space
Dan Goldin Comments about Free Space Laser Communications High-Power Lasers & Adaptive Optics
Optoelectronics helps the World go Wireless - Laser Focus World, Vol. 35, No. 5, May 1999 Laser Guide Stars
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