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If you were using a Java-enabled browser, you would see a continuously updating image instead of this paragraph.

Multiplexed Monitor 2 changes view about every 10 seconds and is updated to this Web site every minute, 24 hours a day.  These processes are not synchronized, so the video source for Monitor 2 (three cameras at present) may be randomly presented.  Viewing the above image for several minutes with Netscape should present views from all video feeds to Monitor 2.

When active, the images below will be updated at different rates at regular intervals, depending on observatory activities.  For the moment, hourly updates of medium size images are provided from 6 am - 7 pm EDT (GMT - 4).  Large size images are interleaved on the half hour.  Manually update the images by refreshing this page in your browser.   The same video sources are displayed on NTSC monitors at the COSETI Observatory.  Check back from time to time to monitor the observatory.   At other times a different line-up of video sources will be available, including NTSC versions of the monitor displays of the various computers employed at the observatory.   There is a live image window further down the page.  At certain times this window will replicate one of the Monitor displays at a refresh rate of between two to three frames per second, depending upon Internet access speed and latency.

If you should see any suspicious activity, please call the Bexley Police at: (614) 239-8881.   Direct them to 545 Northview Drive!  The URL of this page is www.coseti.org/webcam0.htm.

The Axis 240 Camera Server has a so-called public IP address and may be accessed in a browser directly through the WebRamp 700s firewall at any time of the day or night.  This private IP address is only provided to family, friends and associates.  Up to five simultaneous users can access the Axis 240, albeit at a reduced data rate.  Two of the cameras (Monitor 3 & 4) are Sony EVI-D30 with Pan/Tilt/Zoom control, and these camera can be controlled over the Internet.

For instructions on how to directly access the Axis 240 Camera Server if you have been given the private IP address, please click here.

Revised: November 25, 2001


TVRO satellite system for sale or to be given away!


Camera & Video Sources

Camera/Video Source Present Function Update Rate
Monitor 1 Observatory Information (Color) 60 min
Monitor 2 Northview & Delmar Drives/
Front of House/Flags & Northview (Color)*
1 min
Monitor 3 Control & Conference Room (Color) - Pan/Tilt/Zoom 60 min
Monitor 4 Dome View (Color) 60 min
Monitor 5 Telescope (B&W) 60 min

*Camera source for Monitor 2 is time-multiplexed.  Dwell time per camera is about 10 seconds.
See Flag of Earth


Monitor 1


Monitor 2

Observatory Information   Intersection of Northview and Delmar Drives
Observatory Information   Northview and Delmar Drives


Monitor 3

  Monitor 4
Control and Conference Room   View of 10 ft. Diameter Dome
Control and Conference Room   Dome View


Monitor 5
10" Meade LX200 SCT


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