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TVRO Satellite Dish for Sale


View looking north


The satellite dish shown in the picture above was installed in December 1987.  During April 1999, while I was in the U.K., the dish was lifted off its screw drive by high winds and since then has been non-functional.  I believe this occurred at the time that a tornado hit Cincinnati.  Since the TVRO system was originally installed to receive BBC and ITN news feeds from Intelsats across the Atlantic, the need for it has diminished now that the BBC TV News is available over the Internet in RealVideo and via DBS satellite.

The TVRO has a circular-polarized low-noise C-Band feed and a linear polarized low-noise Ku-band feed.  The second I.F. is 140 MHz.  The dish is supported by a horizon-to-horizon mount.  The satellite receiver is a STS SR100 with a VideoCipher II descrambler.

In 1994, the dome was erected in front of the dish.  Power for the dome and several coaxial cables run from the foot of the satellite dish pole. I now wish to remove the dish to open up the sky a little to the north of the zenith. This has the added advantage of removing the motor drive housing in which birds tend to build their nests, with the result that the dome is forever having to be cleaned to remove bird droppings.  The pole is to remain and will, in the future, support the Flag of the Earth, and perhaps a small digital DBS dish.

The 10 ft. diameter dish may be useful to anyone wishing for a TVRO system or to undertake amateur microwave SETI  - perhaps a local member of the SETI League.  The dish and motor-drive must be carefully removed from the pole in order to prevent damage to the fiber-glass dome.  If someone living in the Central Ohio area has the equipment to remove the dish safely, then they can have the entire system described for a very modest sum.  However, if I need to have a professional satellite installer remove the dish, an additional charge will be made to cover the cost of doing this.

What you get:
10 ft. mesh dish
Horizon-to-horizon mount (condition unknown)
Circular-polarized (with polarotor) C-Band feed
Linear-polarized (with polarotor) Ku-band feed
19 oK C-Band LNB
0.7 dB Ku-band LNB
Variable bandwidth second I.F. (140 MHz) adjuster
STS SR100 satellite receiver, with remote and VideoCipher II descrambler

First Posted: December 12, 1999

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