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Real Audio &Video

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It is apparent that the wave of the future for streaming audio and video on the Web is Real Audio and Real Video.  We are probably witnessing the beginnings of the convergence between Web/PC and TV technologies.  This streaming video technology is now being incorporated within Microsoft's Internet Explorer in addition to Microsoft's own NetShow.  It is intended to place Real OSETI video clips on this web site.  For example, segments concerning the operation of this observatory have appeared in a couple of TV documentaries over the past several years.  It is planned that these and future OSETI segments, along with other clips of activity here, will be made available via Real Video.  It will not be possible to "stream" live video for the present, but some video clips may be uploaded to the web site server on a regular and timely basis.  It is intended that the majority of Real Audio and Real Video clips will be optimized for reception with 28.8 kbps modems.

November 29, 1997


RealNetworks has just announced and made available for download (for a fee) a new program that allows PowerPoint 97 presentations to be converted to a streaming RealVideo file.  This presentation format will be supported on this web site.

March 15, 1998

Download the free RealPlayer G2 beta from the RealNetworks web site:

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If your link to RealNetworks is slow, you may download the free RealPlayer G2 beta from this site.  Note, that this file is an English language version suitable for Pentium PCs and Windows 95 OS:

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The more advanced RealPlayer Plus G2 can be purchased by clicking the images below:

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To view some web sites supporting streaming video click on the links below.   Much of this has nothing to do with SETI - only it illustrates the capabilities of this rapidly improving streaming technology - coming to an OSETI web site near you soon!


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NPR (Audio)realaudo.gif (1207 bytes)


The Queen's Christmas Messagesmrelvid.gif (672 bytes)


BBC Television Newssmrelvid.gif (672 bytes)

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You can watch BBC Television's main News bulletins live
here every weekday at 13.00, 18.00 and 21.00 GMT. If
you have a RealVideo player, click here shortly before
the start time to view the bulletin as it is transmitted.
Each programme will then be archived, but still available,
until it is automatically replaced by the next broadcast.
There is a high demand for this service so if you are
unable to access our servers, please try again after a few
minutes.  Service also available over weekends.


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ITN World Newssmrelvid.gif (672 bytes)

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London's Capital Radio FMrealaudo.gif (1207 bytes)

NASA (Audio & Video)smrelvid.gif (672 bytes)

Timecast (Audio & Video)smrelvid.gif (672 bytes)

The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internetrealaudo.gif (1207 bytes)


Sir Arthur C. Clarke - Opening Addressrealaudo.gif (1207 bytes)

SPIE's OSETI I Conference - Workshoprealaudo.gif (1207 bytes)


Dr. H. Paul Shuch - SETI Folk Songsrealaudo.gif (1207 bytes)

SPIE's OSETI II Conference - Workshoprealaudo.gif (1207 bytes)


RealVideo "Contact" Cast Interviewssmrelvid.gif (672 bytes)


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Science Report Radio
(Edition 44, Number 11)
Looking for ETrealaudo.gif (1207 bytes)

Scientists have long listened for extraterrestrial radio waves in the search for intelligent life on other planets.  One scientist (SAK) thinks we should be monitoring for laser beams--the intergalactic equivalent of fiber optics--instead.


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AUGUST 12, 1997
SETI at Homerealaudo.gif (1207 bytes)

The SETI project -- or Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence -- has had its radio antennae pointed skyward for many years now....hoping to pick up signs  that someone out there wants to talk.  Their biggest problem is finding enough computer power to analyze the immense amount of radio data constantly  flowing in.   Now...though...if you are one of those people who leaves their computer on all day...and you're on the Internet....you may soon be able to help  through a new program called...SETI at Home.  All Things Considered host Derek McGinty talks with Dan Werthimer, the chief scientist for the SETI@home  project, and the principal investigator of the Project SERENDIP at the University of California at Berkeley, about the project, which is scheduled to begin  next spring.


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DECEMBER 30, 1997

HOST: Neal Conan

GUEST: PATRICK STEWART realaudo.gif (1207 bytes)

Guest host Neal Conan's interviews actor Patrick Stewart in a re-broadcast of a program that first aired December 16, 1997.  Best known for his television role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on "Star Trek:  The Next Generation," Stewart's first love is the theater -- he's currently starring as Othello at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C.  A re-broadcast of a conversation with Patrick Stewart.


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JANUARY 11, 1998

HOST: Daniel Zwerdling

GUEST: PATRICK STEWARTrealaudo.gif (1207 bytes)

Most people in the United States probably know Patrick Stewart as the bald guy who plays Captain Jean Luc Picard on the TV series Star Trek.  But commanding the Starship Enterprise was just one more in a series of roles Stewart has played exploring the nature of power and leadership -- because for years, Stewart acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company, taking on the great playwright's most demanding characters.  In this interview with Weekend All Things Considered host Daniel Zwerdling, Stewart says though he loves television and filmmaking, the stage, and especially Shakespeare, still capture his heart.  Stewart says his education began with Shakespeare, that the great master taught him how to think.  "He taught me not only what questions to ask, he taught me there were questions to ask," Stewart says.


Star Trek IX: Insurrectionsmrelvid.gif (672 bytes)


For more information about Progressive Networks RealVideo see:

Robert H. Reid, "Real Revolution", Wired, October 1997, p 122.


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NOVEMBER 20, 1998

HOST: Ira Flatow


Many of our recent scientific advances were first predicted by
science fiction: cloning, genetic engineering, even a computer
that can beat you at chess. Does science fiction help us
prepare for the future or fill us with fear? And are real
scientists influenced by science fiction? This hour, we'll
talk about the relationship between science and science fiction
with special guest Leonard Nimoy.

Leonard Nimoy
Actor, Director, Author
Beverly Hills, California

John Cramer
Professor, Physics
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Robert Sawyer
Science Fiction Writer
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Toronto, Canada


RealVideo from Hawaii '99 and the Bioastronomy Conference

RealVideo Soothing Ocean Sounds from Bournemouth, England

RealVideo Soothing Ocean Sounds from Boscombe, England


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