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Laser Museum & Space Signal Observatory (LSSO)


The World's First Laser Museum/Large-Aperture Space Signal Observatory
for receiving laser signals of terrestrial (human) and extraterrestrial (alien) origin



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Laser Museum & Space Signal Observatory Brochure (121986 bytes)




The objectives of Laser Space Signal Observatory (LSSO), Inc.  (a non-profit corporation) are to develop a Laser Museum in conjunction with a Space Signal Laboratory.  The museum's objective is to house laser hardware, software, and descriptions which delineate the history of the laser development for the general public.   The objective of the laboratory is to provide the appropriate resources to examine Space for coherent radiation at UV, visible and infrared wavelengths.


Board Members

Monte Ross, Chairman (president of Ultradata Systems)
Dr. Donald Ames (former vice-president of research for McDonnell-Douglas)
Mark A. Peterson (vice-president of engineering for Ultradata Systems)
Dr. Stuart A. Kingsley (director of The COSETI Observatory)
Dr. David Begley (director of Laser Subsystems at Ball Aerospace)


SPIE OSETI Papers by Monte Ross:

An Economic Rationale for Extraterrestrials using Lasers for SETI

Large M-ary Pulse Position Modulation and Photon Buckets for Effective Interstellar Communications

Large Aperture Search Receiver Design for Unknown Laser Frequency Signals


SPIE OSETI Papers by Dr. Stuart Kingsley:

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) in the Optical Spectrum: A Review

Amateur Optical SETI

A Prototype Optical SETI Observatory


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