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If the illustrations are accessed through this page, rather than through the Site Map shortcut, it will be possible to see which illustrations have been completely uploaded and formatted, rather than just ending up on a so-far empty page.  Each page for which the editing is essentially complete is indicated by a bulleted title under each of the above subject categories.


These illustrations consists of several hundred diagrams, schematics, graphs and word viewgraphs that have been prepared over the past seven years on various aspects of Optical SETI.  The illustrations were produced on Freelance Plus V3.0 for DOS, exported to CGM Metafiles, imported into Hijaak 5.0 or Graphics Converter Gold, and then converted to GIF files.

Some parts of the diagrams have not converted in a satisfactory manner.  In particular, look for exponents, superscripts and subscripts that are displaced sideways.  Corrections to these errors will be done at a later date.   It has now been decided that an upgrade from Lotus Freelance 2.0 to Freelance Graphics 97 would probably be the most satisfactory way to convert all the Freelance DRW files into GIF files.   Each diagram GIF file will be typically between 10 and 20 kbytes, have a screen resolution compatible with a 1280 x 1024 pixel display and when printed, occupy the full width of a 300 dpi printed page in portrait orientation.    Look out for these improvements and added descriptions beneath the illustrations in the months to come.   See below for an example of the new-style illustrations produced via Freelance Graphics 97.

The nomenclature used in the numbering system here is that the first two digits refer to the year when the drawing was produced, the second two digits refer to the month, and the three digits after the hyphen is the sequence number for that month.

These illustrations provide a fairly comprehensive view of Optical SETI and some aspects of Microwave SETI.  For Optical SETI, heterodyning, direct detection, cw and pulsed systems and retrospective OSETI are covered.  Since the initial analyses concerned professional optical heterodyne receivers for the detection of cw beacons, this is reflected in the subject matter of the viewgraphs of the early 90's.  More recently, the emphasis has been on amateur Optical SETI and the detection of pulses, and this too is reflected in the viewgraph subject matter in the mid 90's.   Most of these schematic diagrams, graphs, text and tables can be viewed below.   All this material is Copyrighted by The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory, unless otherwise stated.

An example of a typical viewgraph is shown below.  This high-resolution scanned image is a 822 kbyte GIF file.  You will need a 1280 x 1024 monitor resolution or better to really appreciate this image!  All the other viewgraphs are much smaller files with low-resolution images.


Example viewgraph (821577 bytes)


For the Project Cyclops Report, Barney Oliver in 1971 indicated maximum usable uplink gains of 116 dB.  In 1993, at the time of the OSETI I conference, he limited maximum usable uplink gains to 74 dB due to his perceived point-ahead targeting problem.  Immediately after the OSETI I conference he revised his figure and increased it to 94 dB, still a million times less than indicated by this writer.  The point is that the Maximum Usable ETI Uplink Gain is both knowledge and technology dependent, and thus will change with time.  Within 100 years we too should be able to make efficient use of 150+ dB uplink gains!

For an example of a new-style 19.2 kbyte GIF illustration produced by Freelance Graphics 97, click here (9308-002).   This viewgraph is complementary to the one above.


Support for RealPresenter Plug-in 5.0 for use with Microsoft PowerPoint 97.


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