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The Planetary Report - Optical SETI At Last!


The Planetary Report, Volume XX, Number 2, March/April 2000, pp. 8-15.



Copyright , 2000, The Planetary Society


Congratulations to The Planetary Society and Paul Horowitz's and his team for this great article - it has been a long time in coming.  Click here for some history behind this.  From my perspective, it has taken almost a decade for The Planetary Report (TPR) to publish a major article on Optical SETI.  It was in August 1990 that I first indicated to Tom McDonough, Louis Friedman and Carl Sagan my desire to write such an article.  This offer was repeated several times over the following years.  Indeed, as I have recounted elsewhere, it was the lack of coverage of this important approach to SETI that is largely responsible for my involvement in this scientific endeavor - curiosity got the better of me!

As a member of the society for nearly 19 years,  I am also pleased that Monte Ross's contribution this field has been acknowledge.  Some of the people mentioned in this article may be seen in the photograph on this Web site's home page.  The Optical SETI--At Last comment on the front cover may indicate a subtle joke for my benefit.  Certainly, this near decade-long delay, one quarter of the time that has past since Schwartz and Townes first suggested Interstellar and Interplanetary Communication by Optical Masers, is good reason to exclaim "Optical SETI--At Last!".

To get your copy of this issue of TPR, visit The Planetary Society's Web site.  To find out more about the Harvard OSETI activities, click here or visit their Web site at http://www.artofelectronics.com/oseti/index.html.

Stuart Kingsley
First Posted: April 8, 2000
Revised: April 10, 2000

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