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Message for the Media


If you are a member of the print, audio or visual media, you should find that this web site gives you more than enough information to write detailed and accurate accounts of Stuart Kingsley's Optical SETI rationale and how the COSETI Observatory will operate.   See The Planetary Society page for a partial history of how the COSETI Observatory promoted OSETI since 1990.  See also the Cyclops Report for an understanding how one report essentially lead to the demise of Optical SETI research in the United States.  Some of the media articles written about Optical SETI and the COSETI Observatory may be read via links on the Articles about Optical SETI & COSETI page.

However, while this web site naturally concentrates on the thoughts and activities of Stuart Kingsley, there is a lot more OSETI research than indicated here so far.  For this reason, I would recommend that while doing your research for an article, radio or TV program, you also contact others in this field.  To make your life somewhat easier, I have included below contact information for some of the individuals concerned.

I would only request that browsers of this web site who are NOT involved in professional OSETI activities, from either a scientific, engineering or media standpoint, do not attempt to contact these individuals and place unnecessary demands on their busy schedules.  For this reason, contact info for Arthur C. Clarke is omitted, but can be provided on a case by case basis to qualified individuals.

In the States, the best time to reach me by phone is at home after 7 pm, Monday to Thursday, and on a Sunday.  You can also reach me via the HearMe Channel 1 Chat Room on my home page during the same hours.  From time to time I visit with family in the United Kingdom.  If you are members of the British or European media, you may check if I am in England or soon to be there via the Contact Information page.  From the United Kingdom, the best time to phone me in the U.S. to reach me at my home phone number is between 8 and 9 am EST (1 and 2 pm in London).

For RealPresenter and PowerPoint presentations on Optical SETI that can be used as a basis to write an article or produce a radio or TV program, visit the RealPresenter page.

Please note that despite the fact that I have had an email address for the past ten years that is associated with Ohio State University (OSU), I have only been a so-called volunteer with Bob Dixon's OSU SETI Group.  I have no official position with the university and my Optical SETI work has been and is a private activity, unconnected with Ohio State.

Please email me any requests for use of the materials on this Web site.  A significant amount of the material on this site has been originated by other people and organizations.  In some cases the copyright holder is indicated - in other cases it may be have been omitted.

Revised: July 3, 2000


Optical SETI


Dr. Guillermo A. Lemarchand
Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia
C.C.8 - Sucursal 25
1425 Buenos Aires
Tel: (54) 1-774-0667
Fax: (54) 1-786-8114
Email Address

Monte Ross
Ultradata Systems, Inc.
9375 Dielman Industrial Drive
Saint Louis
MO 63131
United States
Tel: (314) 997-2250
Fax: (314) 997-1281
Email Address
Laser Museum & Space Signal Observatory

Professor Charles M. Townes
Department of Physics
University of California at Berkeley
CA 94720
United States
Tel: (510) 642-1128
Fax: (510) 643-8497
Email Address

Dr. Joseph S. Horwath
California Optoelectronics
400 Oyster Point Blvd.
Suite 415
South San Francisco
United States
Tel: (415) 266-8080
Fax: (415) 266-8089
Email Address

Dr. Albert Betz
University of Boulder
Tel: (303) 492-4880
Fax: (303) 492-4052
Email Address


Microwave SETI


Professor John Kraus
Tel: (614) 548-7895
Fax: (614) 548-6320
Email Address

Dr. Robert Dixon
Director, OSU SETI Group
Dreese Laboratories
2015 Neil Avenue
OH 43210
United States
Tel: (614) 292-1638
Fax: (614) 293-7596
Email Address

Professor Frank Drake
SETI Institute
2035 Landings Drive
Mountain View
CA 94043
United States
Tel: (415) 961-5006
Fax: (415) 961-7009
Email Address


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