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Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97


Download the 32-bit Windows 95 viewer from this web site:

PowerPoint Viewer 97 (2.8 Mbyte)


Download 32-bit and 16-bit viewers from the Microsoft web site:



  Microsoft® PowerPoint® Viewer 97

The Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97 allows people who use Microsoft PowerPoint to share their presentations with users who do not have PowerPoint. This product also allows users who wish to post full fidelity PowerPoint presentations on the Internet to expand their online audience to people who might not have PowerPoint. The PowerPoint Viewer allows users who do not have Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows® to view and print PowerPoint presentations, but it does not allow them to edit PowerPoint presentations.

We encourage you to copy and distribute PowerPoint Viewer to your friends and co-workers or post it on public electronic bulletin boards.


  • Provides full fidelity display of PowerPoint 97 files including the new animations, graphics effects, action settings, hyperlinks, and custom shows.
  • Opens presentations saved in PowerPoint for Windows 2.0 or later and PowerPoint for Macintosh 3.0 or later.
  • Supports printing of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Allows printing and password protection for kiosk-style slide shows.
  • In addition to running as a standalone application, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97 is optimized for displaying PowerPoint presentations inside Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x and above.
  • PowerPoint presentations can be displayed within Netscape Navigator 2.x or higher.

System Requirements for Using PowerPoint 97 Viewer:

  • A personal computer with a 486 or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 95 operating system or Microsoft Windows NT® Workstation operating system 3.51 with Service Pack 5.x or later
  • 4 MB of memory for Windows 95 (8 MB recommended)
  • 12 MB of memory for Windows NT Workstation
  • 7 MB of hard disk space (9 MB free for installation only)
  • VGA or higher-resolution video adapter
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Please refer to the readme document after installation for more information about PowerPoint Viewer 97.

To install PowerPoint Viewer, please follow these instructions:

  1. Download PPView97.exe to your local hard drive.
  2. Close all other applications and ensure that you are not running any utilities or virus protection programs.

  3. In Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 or the Windows NT 3.51 File Manager, double-click the PowerPoint Viewer icon. This will run an unpack utility that extracts the PowerPoint Viewer 97 distribution files and starts the PowerPoint Viewer 97 Setup program.

  4. PowerPoint Viewer 97 Setup will prompt you for a folder in which to install PowerPoint Viewer. The default folder location for PowerPoint Viewer is \Program Files\PowerPoint Viewer (C:\PowerPoint Viewer on Windows NT 3.51).

  5. After choosing the folder location for PowerPoint Viewer, click Install.




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