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The PhotonStar Project


Monte Ross and Stuart A. Kingsley




The PhotonStar SETI project is an enterprise to detect extraterrestrial laser signals that involves many individual small telescopes acting together as a geographically diverse large array which together comprise a large collection area, thereby, offering a better chance of detection if signals exist.  Widely separated small telescopes, each with a sensitive photon detection capability, can be aimed simultaneously at the same star system with precise timing that enables looking at the same time for short pulse detection.  Each individual telescope can be located via GPS so that the differential distance from the star compared to every other telescope can be determined beforehand.  Coordination via the Internet would enable each telescope to operate as one element of the array.  This project allows direct public participation by amateur astronomers into the search for extraterrestrial intelligence as there are thousands of telescopes of eight inches or greater in use, so that the total collection area can be very substantial with public participation. In this way, each telescope is part of a larger array with data being sent via the Internet to a central station.  This approach is only feasible now with the advent of GPS, the Internet, and relatively low-cost single photon detector technology.


  Laser, Signals, SETI, Optical, Single, Photon, Detection, Collectors, Pulses, Internet.


Principal Author Biography

Monte Ross, IEEE Fellow and Fellow McDonnell Douglas for work in space laser communications.  Author of book "Laser Receivers", NSF consultant and author of over 50 papers on laser communications.  Former Director of Laser Communications for McDonnell Douglas, past president-International Laser Communications Society.


Principal Author Affiliation

Laser Space Signal Observatory
9375 Dielman Industrial Drive
St. Louis, MO 63132
Phone: 314 997 2250
Fax: 314 997 1281
Email: mross@ultradatasystems.com


Correspondence for Secondary Author

Dr. Stuart A. Kingsley
The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory
545 Northview Drive
Columbus, OH 43209-1051
Phone: 614 258 7402
Fax: 707 313-2546
Email: contact info


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