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New OSETI Observatory to Search for Interstellar Probes


Eamonn Ansbro




Numerous researchers have suggested the importance of including a near-Earth search for interstellar probes in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.  This paper documents some of the scientific work that has already been undertaken in this field and my own intended contributions.  The research under discussion includes both the theoretical and the practical.  T. Roy Dutton’s Astronautical Theory is introduced, which includes a hypothetical pattern of navigational tracks above the Earth.  Summaries of research findings by Italian radio astronomers and Norwegian engineers in Hessdalen (Norway) are provided to support the importance of a careful and thorough near-Earth search.  The Italian team discovered highly anomalous periodic VLF signals characterized by spike-like and Doppler-like morphology.  They theorize that these may have been the result of high-energy mechanisms in our atmosphere whose origin is still unknown but which, on the basis of Galilean objective possibilities, might involve both natural and non-natural causes. They stress the need for further investigation using the highest scientific standards of skepticism.  The Norwegian engineers obtained unexplained findings, in particular in relation to magnetic field perturbations and their time-correlation with light-phenomena.  The research of both the Norwegian and Italian teams indicate that advanced optical photometric and spectroscopic equipment is needed and hence the possible relevance to OSETI.  The author discusses the range of optical equipment being established at Kingsland Observatory in Ireland.  The implementation of this equipment may contribute effectively to the near-Earth search for interstellar probes, and in any case will provide precious information on still unexplained physical laws governing atmospheric plasmas -- knowledge that is of basic importance for fundamental science.  In addition to two robotic telescopes (36-in. and 16-in.), Kingsland Observatory includes an autonomous robotic platform made up of optical and ancillary devices to monitor the celestial dome.  Innovative optical instrumentation will be included to obtain spectra and to furnish recordings in the visible and near-infrared ranges.  This equipment will be discussed in detail together with the rationale for its use.  The constant monitoring with the proposed instrumentation will also result in data that may support or refute Dutton’s Astronautical Theory.


Interstellar probes, SETI, OSETI, SETA, SETV, Astronautical Theory, Hessdalen, Embla Mission, Kingsland Observatory, spectroscopy.

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Author Biography

Eamonn Ansbro has over 30 years experience in science and engineering, including astronomy, meteorology and industrial optics.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a past Vice President of the International Union of Amateur Astronomers.  His scientific accomplishments include discoveries of a hydrogen envelope around the rings of Saturn (1974), moonquake (1975) and a nova (1976).  In 1981 he founded Optiglas Ireland Ltd., which developed and manufactured advanced optical systems that were exported to 15 countries.  He has written and published over 40 articles and papers about astronomy and space.  He is currently based in Ireland.


Author Affiliation

Kingsland Observatory
Boyle, County Roscommon 000
Phone: (353) 907 70974
Fax: (353) 907 70970
Email: eansbro@eircom.net


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