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ETI Philosophy



ETIs have vastly superior technology and access to enormous sources of energy. To make their signals easily detectable and to send a rich data-stream to emerging technical civilizations (us), they will be guided by the following:

1. ETI laser technology is very mature. It is easier for them to send out strong signals than for us to build large arrays to collect a few of their photons.
2. They can observe and predict the motions of suitable nearby targeted extrasolar planets, allowing for beams smaller than stellar zones of life.
3. Lasers make it easier and more energy efficient to multiplex beams onto a large number of suitable targeted planetary systems.
4. Lasers are capable of producing very high EIRPs and supporting high modulation bandwidths. Pulsed signals, with their high peak to mean power ratios, are far more detectable against the ETI's stellar background.
5. To overcome problems from the lack of apparent magic optical frequencies, Doppler shifts/chirps and frequency search time, they will use pulsed signals. This eliminates the need for narrow bandwidth optical filtering at the receiver.


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