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Measured Electrical Characteristics of PMT


RF Spectrum

Photon Count = 250 cps


Photon Count = 2 Mcps


Photon Count = 2Mcps


The measurements where made directly at the 50-Ohm output of the photon-counter with a HP 8593E (9 kHz - 26.5 GHz) Spectrum Analyzer. When the count rate is high, i.e., at a level of 2 million counts per second, the excitation signal looks like white noise with a flat spectral density. The 3 dB bandwidth of the output pulses from the discriminator is approximately 10 MHz. This corresponds to the specified 30 ns pulse width of the TTL output. This bandwidth is very compatible with high-quality video systems. This is not the bandwidth of the PMT itself, which is larger. See 9308-005 for technical specifications of PMT. What does the photo count output look like on a video monitor? Click here and here to see.


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