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The Carl Sagan Chair


Date: Sunday October 26, 1997
Subject: The Carl Sagan Chair for The Study of Life in the Universe  

Further information on this position will be online soon at the SETI Institute website at http://www.seti.org

The Carl Sagan Chair

The Carl Sagan Chair for The Study of Life in the Universe, a new endowed position, has been established at the SETI Institute in Mountain View,
California.  Named to honor the late Carl Sagan, who was a member of the Board of Directors of the SETI Institute, this Chair is established in
recognition of the increasing scientific interest and activity in studies of the origin, evolution, nature, and distribution of life in the
universe, especially when viewed in the context of extraterrestrial biology.  The individual selected for the Chair will be a distinguished
scientist who is widely recognized as a major contributor to this field.

The holder of the Chair will be familiar with the broad picture of astrobiology and related phenomena in the physical sciences, and will have
authored major publications in these areas.  He or she will have outstanding credentials in one or more of the following fields:  the early
history of the biogenic elements and compounds; chemical evolution in the context of the origin of life; molecular evolution; Precambrian biology;
the appearance of multicellularity; complex life; evolutionary biology; ecosystem science; the emergence of intelligence; cultural evolution; the
rise of civilization and technology; and/or the associated disciplines of: astrophysics; astronomy; planetary evolution; geology; oceanography;
geochemistry; and atmospheric science.

Responsibilities and opportunities of the position include continuing research in one or more of the areas described above, and serving as an
intellectual leader of the Institute's life in the universe research efforts.

The incumbent will lead the future expansion of these efforts, including the possibility of developing, over time, in-house laboratory research
capabilities.  The holder of the Chair will be a senior representative of the Institute in the scientific community at national and international
levels, and as such will have a strong responsibility to advance the Institute's status and visibility within these communities.

Although it is generally expected that this endowed position will be a long term appointment, applications for sabbatical leave or other limited
duration appointments will be considered.  A salary commensurate with the holder's status in the scientific community will be provided, as well as
financial support for an assistant, and travel.

Submit applications to: 

Sagan Chair Committee
SETI Institute
2035 Landings Drive
Mountain View, California 94043-0818
Tel. 1-650-961-6633.  

Applications should include a current curriculum vitae and list of publications, and a brief statement of current research interests. 
Letters of reference will be solicited later.  Review of applications will commence December 1, 1997.  Equal Opportunity Employer.

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