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The latest two awards go to SETI & COSETI 27 June, 1998.


The SETI League, Inc.

Are we alone? With the help of enthusiasts around the globe and today's technology, SETI League tries to find out the answer. SETI League is membership-supported, non-profit [501(c)(3)], educational and scientific organization dedicated to privatizing the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Hundreds of members in dozens countries are keeping this quest alive. Building your own little radio-observatory is the preferred way to do the job, but it sure isn't the only way you can help. Currently there are more than 1200 documents in over 40 MBytes at this site. The four main directories are "Membership Services", "Publications Department", "Technical Support", and "Press Relations", with many branches under each of them. There you can find out everything from how to join in, what books to read, how to build your own SETI hardware or purchase a new one, to what other people think and write about SETI, in papers, publications and press-releases. The main page also features "Image of the Week" with short description, taken from their extensive photo-gallery. You can also use the big alphabetical index to find the information you want faster.

Date: 27, June, 1998.

The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory

These pages host a different approach to The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The Optical Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, otherwise known as Optical SETI (OSETI), seeks to detect pulsed and continuous wave laser beacons signals in the visible and infrared spectrum. This web site contains an extensive amount of documentation about OSETI, and will also be the means by which The Columbus Optical SETI (COSETI) Observatory will distribute data obtained from its observations when it comes on-line later this year. In over 100 MB of data, you will find many articles, illustrations, photos, papers, publications and book reviews. Instructions on how to build your own OSETI observatory are also there.

Date: 27, June, 1998.


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