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Week of September 15, 1997

The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory
Most people associate SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) with radio observatories and seraches at microwave wavelengths. However, as Dr. Stuart Kingsley explains at this Web site, searches at optical wavelengths -- from the ultraviolet through the visible to the infrared -- can also be used to turn up evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. This largely overlooked techinique is discussed in detail at this Web site, along with other information about SETI.
Stanford SOLAR Center
The Stanford SOLAR (Solar On-Line Activity Resources) Center provides educational activities about the Sun based on data from the SOHO mission. There are activities, basic information, solar artwork (including images and illustrations of data), and an opportunity to ask questions of solar physicists, among other features. This site is an excellent resource for students wishing to learn more about the Sun.

Week of September 8, 1997

The Cosmic Mirror
The Cosmic Mirror provides updates on events in astronomy and space exploration. Updates usually come once a week, but editor Daniel Fischer provides more frequent updates during conferences and other special events. The news articles include links to more detailed information on other Web sites.
Regulus! The Astronomy Newsletter
Amateur astronomers looking for information about their hobby online should check out "Regulus!", an online astronomy newsletter. The site features content updated monthly on the state of amateur astronomy, from what's visible in the night sky that month to feature articles and scientific papers. The site also features something not found on many other Web sites: staying power. Regulus is celebrating two years on the Web this month.

Week of September 1, 1997

Space Business
Space Business.com advertises a "wealth of business information" about the space industry, and they do a good job delivering. The site features a listing of some 1,750 space-related companies and organizations, organizes in a searchable and browsable database, as well as similar listings of conferences and financing information. There are also books and other resources that can be purchased and and a classified job listing where space-related positions are advertised.
Space Educators' Handbook
The Space Educator's Handbook offers an immense assortment of space-related educational resources. The Web site includes "Space Museum", which shows how to use space memorabilia to teach space to students; online versions of educational space comics; past issues of NASA's "Spinoff" magazine, and more. This information is also available in standalone files that can be run on MacOS and Windows machines using HyperCard and ToolBox. Teachers and students alike can use this site to start off the school year learning about space!

Award Information

SpaceViews presents "Space Sites of the Week": a list of some of the best space-related space sites on the Web. Each week we update this list with new entries, so stop by often!

Each site that appears here has been chosen for their excellence in providing a Web site in a space-related area. Each site can choose to announce their award with this graphic:

Site of the week award

If you're aware of a great space-related space Web site, please pass it along to us at jeff@astron.mit.edu. Thanks, and happy surfing!


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