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Fiber Optic Spectrometer Part Numbers & Pricing



Part #

Price, $

Spectrometer Card - ISA bus PC1000-ISA-  
Spectrometer Card - PCI bus PC1000-PCI-  
Spectrometer - PCMCIA Type 2 PC1000-PCM-  
Spectrometer Card - ISA bus PC2000-ISA-  
Spectrometer Card - PCI bus PC2000-PCI-  
Spectrometer - PCMCIA Type 2 PC2000-PCM-  
Grating Option 001  
Slit (Optional) Option 002  
3 m VIS-NIR Optical Fiber Cable Cable (SMA) Option 003  
3 m UV-VIS Optical Fiber Optic Cable (SMA) Option 004  
2" Eyepiece SMA Adapter Option 005  
1.25" Eyepiece SMA Adapter Option 006  
0.965" Eyepiece SMA Adapter Option 007  
T-Ring SMA Adapter Option 008  
36.4 mm T-Adapter Option 009  
SMA Adapter Option 010  
OOI Basic Acquisition Windows 95/98 Software Option 101  
LabVIEW Windows 95/98 Driver Option 102  


Ocean Optics, Inc. Official Retail Price List





PC2000 Spectrometer Card for ISA bus with VIS-NIR Optical Fiber Cable, 1.25" Eyepice Adapter, OOI Windows Software and LabVIEW Driver.


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