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Scenes from 2010: Odyssey Two


The scenes below are from the motion picture 2010: The Year We Make Contact, which was released in 1984 when Ronald Reagan was the occupant of the White House.  This was the Peter Hyams' sequel to the 1968 motion picture 2001: A Space Odyssey.  It shows Dr. Heywood Floyd (actor Roy Scheider) on a bench adjacent to the Ellipse on the south side of the White House.  In these shots, his is seen chatting to the Chairman of the National Council on Astronautics (NCA), Colonel Victor Millson, about the Russian spaceship Alexi Leonov which is on its way to Jupiter to rendezvous with the spaceship Discovery.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke has a cameo role in this motion picture - he can be seen sitting on the bench on the far left feeding the birds (11 minutes into the movie).  This may be missing in non-widescreen presentations of this movie that have been panned and scanned or cropped.


Scenes from Arthur C. Clarke's "2010"

Scenes from 2010

Arthur C. Clarke is seated on the bench on the left of picture showing the south lawn of the White House.


Scenes from 2010

As Dr. Victor Millson and Dr. Heywood Floyd chat, Sir Arthur feeds the birds.


Scenes from 2010

Drs. Victor Millson and Heywood Floyd.


Scenes from 2010

Sir Arthur Clarke at left of picture.


Now fast forward (from 1984) to February 7, 2001 for other scenes taken by Dr. Stuart A. Kingsley of this south lawn White House location.


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