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The White House, 2001 - Photo Gallery 1

February 7, 2001


A little bother at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Although I have made many visits to Washington, DC over the past 25 years, I have never taken the time to do a tour of the White House - being put off by the long lines of tourists.  We drove from Columbus to Dayton during a blizzard, taking a US Airways flight to Washington.  Having arrived in DC mid-day on Tuesday for some business at Walter Reed, but concluding our meeting on Tuesday evening, we found we had time on our hands on this Wednesday to take in a few Washington sights.

As it turned out, it was a most beautiful and spring like day, unlike the weather when we set out for Dayton on Tuesday morning.  In Washington, there were few tourists around, so we were able to walk into the White House without any queuing.  Similarly, later on we visited the Holocaust Museum, also without any queuing.

In the evening, before leaving Washington, I visited with Congressman Lamar Smith (number 2 on the House Science Committee) in his office located in the Rayburn Building, across the road from the Capitol.  Also at the meeting was Dr. Paul Shuch of the SETI League.  We spent about 30 minutes with the Congressman discussing microwave and optical SETI.  We look forward to the day when NSF and NASA can fund SETI programs.  This meeting came as a result of the CNN.com item which was in response to the Planetary Society's OSETI III press release.

Our return flight left DC for Dayton at 8:50 pm, and I arrived home in Columbus at the stroke of midnight.  It was quite a long day.  I hope my next visit to the White House will be less eventful!

The time stamps on these pictures are taken from the pictures files produced by my digital Sony Mavica camera.  All these pictures are the copyright of The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory.

Dr. Stuart A. Kingsley
Director, The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory


1 2

11:14 AM
Outside the north (front) side of the White House after emerging from the self-guided tour.  Picture of my SRICO colleague, Andrea Pollick.

11:16 AM
The COSETI Director "reporting" outside the White House just minutes before the shootings.  Another budding Sam Donaldson!

3 4

11:18 AM
The north lawn of the White House taken with camera lens pointed through railings.  

11:18 AM
View from Lafayette Square and Pennsylvania Avenue.  Pennsylvania Avenue is presently closed to traffic.

5 6

11:20 AM
View of the north east gate and the Washington Monument.  15th St. runs down towards the Monument just to the left of the picture.  Had we not hung around in the front of the White House for a few minutes taking pictures, we would have been right in the thick of things (where Arthur C. Clarke was seated so many years ago) when the secret service and police approached the shooter by the Ellipse.

11:32 AM
As we walked down the east side of the White House railings along 15th St. and making our way to the Ellipse to that a classic shot of the White House from the back, all hell broke loose and police and security people shouted to us to move quickly away from the White House grounds.  One shot was heard around this time.

7 8
11:34 AM
This and the previous picture was taken just after a secret service person was seen crouching on the ground and aiming his gun towards the west.
11:37 AM
View looking north towards the intersection of E St. and 14th St.  A crowd of onlookers observes the secret service and police activities a few hundred yards away.
9 10

11:42 AM
The Washington Monument, presently closed for refurbishment.

11:44 AM
A helicopter observing the activities.  It was later to land on the Ellipse. 
11 12

11:46 AM
Fox News van observing the events from the south side of the Ellipse, near Constitution Avenue.  Blair House (Executive Office Building) is in the background.

11:46 AM
View of the White House and the south lawn from across the Ellipse.  Never did take that classic picture on this trip.  Compare this shot to those on the previous page taken from the movie 2010.


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